Puch availability in Europe


Born in 1899 and still moving in 2020, more than 120 years!

Our slogan PUCH.MOVES. comes from a 120-year-old tradition in which since 2019, in connection with our 120 year anniversary, the focus is on the expansion of Puch in Europe. 

Cycleurope has worked hard recently to launch Puch in more European countries. This resulted in the availability of the Puch brand in the countries Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. You can visit the websites of these countries by clicking on the links above. 

For the coming years, Cycleurope is looking for partners who can distribute Puch in even more European countries. Under very interesting conditions, there are various options for distributing Puch in the countries that are still available. For 2020 the start of the following countries is on the program: UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland and Italy. 

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