Puch. History.

Puch, the bicycle brand that has been inspired by and for cyclists for more than 120 years.


Puch, the bicycle brand that has been inspired by and for cyclists for more than 120 years.

This was also the idea of ​​the founder Johann Puch (1862-1914).
 Johann Puch started a small workplace under the name “Fahrradfabrikation Straucherstrasse 18a” in Graz, Austria.


In the years between 1890 and 1895, the affordable quality of the bikes proved its success! In the meantime, the bicycles are also sold outside Austria under the name “Styria”. In 1899, after successful years, the company “J. Puch – Erste Steiermärkische Fahrradfabrik AG” was formed in Graz. The success story of the Puch bikes was born!


The 100,000th bicycle was assembled. In addition to the introduction of gears on bicycles, people continued to look for improvements and details.


Already in 1914 there was a factory on Puchstrasse 85 in Graz (Austria) where 1.100 employees were working to produce 16,000 bicycles, 300 motorcycles and 300 cars.


In this year the company merges with Austro Daimler-Werken in Wiener Neustadt. This gives the company the name “Austro-Daimler-Puchwerke”. This created the opportunity to develop very exclusive and luxurious models. This resulted in models with the name “Silber Rad” that are still known today. Also the “Panther Rad” model produced in 1938 is a household name among these models. 


Now the first sports and leisure bikes were created, which stem from aerodynamic components that perfectly matched the objective of producing lightweight bikes. As a result, Puch also opened its doors to cycle racing in 1978. Well-known names for cycle racing in Austria back then were Rudolf Mitteregger, Harald Maier, Hans Lienhart and Leo Karner


Puch was acquired by Bianchi Italy.


Puch has been part of one of the European largest bicycle groups Cycleurope, with an annual production of more than 1 million bicycles and a distribution to 60 countries around the world.


The first introduction of Puch in the Netherlands.
A full range of bikes since a long time. Specific Puch bikes made for this market with high quality and specifically selected components.


Since this year, Puch is finally back in Austria, the country where Puch originated. The first electric models are introduced.


Puch bikes are also available in Belgium and Germany. The collections still have an excellent performance/cost ratio and are equipped with the latest parts from our suppliers. Also, each model is specifically composed for the right target group. Affordable customization


Slovenia, the country where Johann Puch was born, has become a distributer of Puch bikes.


Whether you are looking for a sporty hybrid, a decent city bike, an electric bike, a retro transport bike or a lifestyle product, the Puch collection offers all facets for years of safe and comfortable cycling pleasure.

Our latest SUV models are introduced.

We wish you lots of riding pleasure. 

PUCH.MOVES. in 2024!

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